List of Documents Needed

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children." Sitting Bull


1. Petition to be registered as prospective Adoptive Parents with the Department for Adoption and Protection of the Rights of the Child (DAPRC).

2. Three copies of valid passports or other identification papers of the Adoptive Parents. 

3. Home study, issued by a competent authority in the Adoptive Parents' country of residence, attesting their eligibility, specifying their housing and living conditions, household members, containing their curriculum vitae, Adoptive Parents' approach towards adoption.
The Home Study must also include recommendations on number, age and health conditions of the children that can be adopted by the prospective Adoptive parents.
Note: If the Home Study is issued by non-governmental authority, you should attach a copy of Licence authorizing this entity to conduct pre-adoption reviews.

4. Notice of Approval for entrance and permanent residence permit for an adopted child, issued by a competent authority in the Adoptive Parents' country of residence.

5. Adoptive Parents' commitment (notarized letter of obligation) in two copies: 

  • to have the adopted child registered with Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in their home country within one month;
  • to provide the adopted child with the opportunity to keep his/her citizenship until 18 years old;
  • to supply information (at least once a year) about the adopted child's living conditions and educational process;
  • to provide an opportunity for representatives of Ukrainian Embassy/Consulate to keep in touch with the adopted child;
  • to inform the Embassy/Consulate of Ukraine about any change of address of the adopted child.

6. A notarized consent for adoption from a non-adopting parent (in case the child is adopted by one of the spouses only).

7. Proof of incomefor the last 6 months or notarized copy of income declaration for the previous calendar year. If one of the spouses does not work, then a petition must be submitted showing that he or she is a homemaker and does not work.

8. Two notarized copies of Marriage Certificate;

9. Medical certificates, issued in the name of each Adoptive Parent. These certificates should not contain a general statement that you are healthy, but a declaration that you are specifically not suffering from any kind of psychiatric, communicable, internal, skin or veneral diseases as well as that you are not a drug addict, and free from AIDS and syphilis.
It is also necessary to attach a copy of doctor's license or make forms on doctor letterhead.

10. Police clearances for each applicant issued by the competent authority of the Adoptive Parents' home country, attesting to the Adoptive Parents that they have no criminal record at the State level.

11. Home ownership / Rental documents confirming property ownership or renting the house with indication of total space and living space and the number of bedrooms.

12. A notarized written consent of Adoptive Parents to obtain Interpol Clearances from the countries of their citizenship and residence (issued in two copies).

NOTE: All documents must be apostilled and accompanied by Ukrainian translation!


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