Why Ukraine?

"The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives." ~Robert Brault


  • Low cost of medical treatment along with highly qualified fertility specialists

Nowadays there are a number of reproductive health clinics in Ukraine providing comprehensive care to infertile couples at reasonable and affordable cost. Studies show that the most procedures in Ukraine cost up to 60-70% less that the same treatment in Western Europe or the USA.  
The academic background and clinical expertise of Ukrainian physicians enables the renowned fertility centers to provide high quality, supportive, compassionate, individualized services for couples struggling with infertility. Alongside this, fertility specialists of Ukraine are regularly trained at the best world centers for reproductive medicine and are usually members of UARM and ESHRE.
Due to state-of-the-art medical equipment and advanced technologies Ukrainian fertility centres ensure obtaining excellent world level clinical success rates.

  • Favourable legislation

Ukrainian legal framework for assisted reproduction services is one of the most progressive worldwide, establishing Ukraine as an ideal destination for couples from abroad seeking treatment not available or accessible in their own country.
Recent Ukrainian legislation assists couples to realize their dream of having a baby, using a variety of fertility treatment methods for both Ukrainian nationals and foreign citizens without any age limit and waiting lists. It is worthwhile to note that Ukraine has unique surrogacy legislation, allowing the Intended Parents to be considered the child’s parents from the very moment of its conception, in contrast to other countries where additional court procedures and even post-adoption are needed.

  • Optimal choice of Egg Donor and/or Surrogate Mother

For those endeavouring egg donation programs in Ukraine, there is a perfect opportunity to choose an egg donor from Slavic backgrounds that all are young (20-30 years old), healthy, fertile, highly educated and fully screened from both medical and psychological point of view. Slavic women are known for their beauty and generosity.
Couples looking for surrogacy option in Ukraine would meet compassionate Ukrainian women motivated to help someone with infertility problems mostly for altruistic reasons. Our company will help you to match with the Surrogate based on a variety of factors, especially on shared goals and expectations for surrogacy.

  • Easy travel and accommodation facilities

Residents of most countries do not need a tourist visa to visit Ukraine. 
Transport to Ukraine is swift and simple, there are a number of airlines servicing Ukraine internationally with direct flights to Borispol, the airport closest to Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine.
Public transport in and around the major cities is generally good too, with Kyiv City boasting a modern subway system. Tourists are also welcome to use services of taxi drivers.
The cost of living in Ukraine is cheap compared to US and Western European standards. Ukrainian cities offer the finest quality four-stars hotels from major chains including Hyatt regency and Radisson SAS. A popular alternative to hotels in Ukraine is to rent apartments that are giving more space than even the largest hotel room. If you want to stay in self-catering accommodation, there is no shortage of western type supermarkets.

  • Nice country and people

Ukraine used to be part of the USSR but it is now an independent country situated in Eastern Europe. It’s capital Kyiv (where the most fertility clinics are based) has now a population in access of 3 million people and is a modern city bursting with European culture and some awesome architecture. Some of the main sights include St. Sophia’s Cathedral and the Monastery of the Caves, both listed as the world heritage sited. Kyiv has several theatres, opera houses and concert halls, as well as numerous film studious. Besides, Kyiv is a very leafy city, with many horse chestnut trees, which can be best appreciated in spring and summer months. So if you undertake a trip to Ukraine for treatment purposes, it can easily turn out to be a fascinating holiday journey with a lot of sightseeing and relaxation.
During your trip you would meet friendly Ukrainian people. Drivers and waiters in restaurants and cafes speak English well so that your communication would be easy.
Of course, you would be provided with professional translation services for all your needs throughout the whole trip and can get our support 24 hours a day.



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